About Me

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Thank you for visiting my website!  I hope that it will answer some of your questions about dyslexia and provide some resources to help you get started in helping your child.

I, also, am a parent of a dyslexic child, so I understand the concerns and frustrations that can come when your questions are not being answered!

With an elementary education background, I went back to school and became certified in an Orton-Gillinham based program.

Since then, it has been my pleasure and joy being able to help struggling student with reading, spelling and writing.

‚ÄčI have been now teaching dyslexic students for over 15 years and it has been a real privilege to see them, not only excel in reading, but go on to be successful in college and life!

Please be encouraged knowing that your child can and will succeed with your help and the right support!

Come back often to this website, as I will be updating and adding new products and information as I find them!